The connection between deforestation and climate change, and the challenge to express that visually, is the basis for Angela’s most ambitious and logistically challenging work yet. The concept is to present a series of rainforest tree stumps as a ‘ghost forest’ – using the negative space created by the missing trunks as a metaphor for climate change, the absence representing the removal of the world’s ‘lungs’ through continued deforestation.

Its location in Trafalgar Square is key:  it is one of the world’s most visited tourist sites and the epicentre of Western industrialisation over the past 200 years.  For the majority of visitors, the scale, beauty and diversity of the stumps will be unlike anything they have experienced before.  Nelson’s Column stands over 50 metres (169 feet) tall, the approximate height many of these trees would have stood at in the wild.

It will be impossible not to explore in the imagination what a space like Trafalgar Square would look like if populated by such massive examples of nature’s work alongside man’s, and to ponder the consequences of destruction on such a scale as the missing stumps represent.