Making It Happen

Over the past few months, Angela has made several field trips to a commercially logged primary rainforest in Ghana where a group of 10 tree stumps have been identified. They were shipped initially to England and, with permission from the Greater London Authority, were subsequently staged as Ghost Forest in Trafalgar Square from November 16-22.

Ghost Forest will now be shipped directly to Copenhagen where it will be exhibited in Thorvaldsens Plads, a magnificent city centre square next to Parliament Square and the National Museum, to coincide with the UN’s COP15 Climate Change Conference from December 7–18. The future of rainforests will lead the agenda at the conference, which will be attended by over 11,000 delegates from 192 countries.

None of this would have been possible without the help and support of many people in many organisations.  Angela is immensely grateful to all of them for making this project come to life.