The emissions from all transportation and other energy used in the project have been calculated and will be offset by ClimateCare, by supporting an initiative to introduce efficient cook stoves – Gyapas – in Ghana.  Most families in Ghanaian towns and cities cook with charcoal using a metal grate or ‘coal-pot’ that burns very inefficiently and uses a lot of fuel wood. Given the consequences this has for deforestation, The Ghana Stoves project is a very apt one for Ghost Forest to support.  An insulated, efficient cookstove, the Gyapa cooks food more quickly, requires less fuel and is less smoky.  They are also, therefore, cheaper for Ghanaian families to run and healthier, and since the stoves are manufactured locally, they help provide employment.

A summary of the Ghana Efficient Stoves Project, which is Ghost Forest’s chosen carbon offset project, is available for download here:
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Ghost Forest’s Carbon Offset Certificate from Climate Care can be downloaded here:
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To learn more about Climate Care, please go to: