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What a fabulous project. Stunning execution and eloquent expression of the dangers in our desperate exploitation of our world resources. I’ll plant at least a tree to remember.
Yesterday we buried my father in law who was Ghanaian. These trees put me in mind of him: sturdy, resolute and fallen. God bless.
Amazing, hope these can stay here permanently.
Incredible, I hope it helps save the rainforests.
Thank you for making the point in the most incredible way. What a powerful message.
Awesome living beings, trees have such a deep presence when living. Can any man or woman stand amid the peaceful forest and not be aware of, and humbled by that feeling? Before any group of decision makers pass laws on climate change or sustainability, let them first take a solitary walk in the ancient forest.
Thank you Angela for highlighting this issue with such serenity. It is an otherworldly vision. I am sure your family are very proud of you.
Fantastic display, beautiful trees, makes me say wow, makes wonder how, makes me pleased we love trees, but makes me cry. Is it too late?
Wonderful exhibit, we need forests that are sustainable!
Never seen anything like this before, wonderful. Such a good idea to bring people’s attention to the destruction of the rainforest. We adored the Ghost Forest. It has given us so much to think about.
Shocked, in awe, stunned, this is serious art. I hear their screams, I love this project.
We love the trees, they are awesome.
I work in the library opposite; I come out here to relax. Thanks for putting these trees here.
Stunning, thank you. This is a first time in my 58 years that I really appreciated these glorious woods.
We came all the way from Glasgow to look at these trees. We were not disappointed.
Stunning examples, location of trunks and roots is ideal, next to this beautiful large evergreen, thank you.
What a beautiful and haunting tribute to these trees. Thank you for what you are doing.
Nature has a sense of beauty and composition that neither man nor woman could ever replicate.
I love this Angela! Inspirational.
Never seen anything like this before, thank you!
If we destroy the rainforest, we destroy all quality life on earth.
I’m a visiting lumberjack from Canada – great job, well done.
We need to be more responsible with our planet. Maintaining our rainforests is the only way to keep our world the way we know it – as beautiful as it is.
We came here to see something great, and we did!
I biked past these trees every day for over a year, and never came in. Finally, I made it. The trees are amazing.
When it’s gone, it’s gone – don’t leave it too late. I’ve just returned from a trip to Vancouver Island, and the rainforest there is also fragile, and needs us all to care and demand it is not destroyed. I’d rather have trees than a parking lot.
This sight at night is very poetic and moving. Thank you Angela for your vision, hard work and dedication.
Beautiful, wonderful, really lovely, surprised me.
Sustainable is impossible given today’s machines, and today’s insatiable thirst for resources.
It is everyone’s duty to protect our environment.
An amazing exhibition. Definitely a pioneer. Great that you did this.
We live in Dubai and came to Oxford to relax and touch nature again. How eerie and beautiful these tree stumps are.
We come from China, we love this exhibition, and we will keep the memory for a long time. Thank you.
We have to think deeply about the environment programme. I felt that from this exhibition.
If only trees could talk, what a story...
This is a good idea and you can explain some climatic and negative human activities, and why these trees are dead. Continue.
I think they make a striking point, rather like the dinosaurs in the museum.
It’s an impressive project, and a deep thought idea. I hope we can stop the insane deforestation, environmental pollution and the waste of natural resources! Dear leaders of the world, some of you having graduated from Oxford, Cambridge, anywhere, meaning you must be quite bright, where is your action? Your will? Your commitment to save the planet? Or has financial interest obstructed your vision? Do something and you are guaranteed my vote and that of many other reasonable people.
Simple beautiful, this makes me think.
I came to Oxford to admire the architecture, to come and admire the music of those faceless masons whose tools once played like instruments, but my wandering has brought me here, and all else stands mute! Heidegger once wrote that a tree in a forest does not know of the others, as if only human beings can share in this knowledge of alacrity – I beg to differ. Even now these broken forms, these ghosts, speak to one another and us. May they remind us that we must not rest in peace.

July 2010 – July 2012

Hope the trees force all governments to take action against climate change.
Great exhibition, wonderful idea Angela - Henry and Pamela
Ghost forest is an appropriate name, they are haunting and ethereal and breathtaking and sobering. A powerful piece of work!
Society collapsed on Easter Island when they had cut down the last trees.
PLEASE stop buying foreign wood, eating meat, drinking milk and consuming palm oil. Think of the orang-utans whose habitat is being destroyed. Think. Take responsibility! Don't just pray, praying gets you nowhere - take action!
Normally I have loads to say, but not in the presence of such greatness... - M. G. Betsayda
We are so small and so restrictive. Thank you for showing us our place and reminding us of our obligation to protect. From Canada with love.
"Trees are the alveoli of the earth" - Quoting Sam, my old friend, who often walked in Oxford meadows with me.
Trees are my eyes, what a fantastic effort, message and sacrifice. Thank you for opening my eyes again - Mandy
If trees gushed blood
When they were felled
By meddling man,
And crimson welled
From every gash
His axe can give,
Would he forbear,
And let them live?
Mervyn Peake
(Lalla Dawkins, The trees are wonderful)
It's very nice. The trees have very strange shapes! - A.G. (9 yrs)
Angela, a testament to what one person can do. Ten magnificent specimens of Mother Nature.
Thank you so much for bringing these great and beautiful beasts for us all to contemplate.
They made a very special day for my darling wife and me.
I want to save trees so there are still some there when I am dead. Rachel age 8
So beautiful, a taste of nature in the middle of the city. Gives so many people an appreciation for our natural environment. Well done! From Australia
What a wonderful project. Let's hope Ghana manages to save the rest of its rainforests for its own sake, and for the sake of the planet. I am horrified to read how much of it has disappeared since I was teaching there forty years ago. Very best wishes to your endeavour. - Lorna Hicks, Oxford
Absolutely amazing! Loved the story and the trees! I hope you get to take it to many other cities worldwide - Hannah and Ethan
A forester from the western USA myself - I applaud your efforts and share your love for the trees and environment. Gaia speed for your future endeavours. - E.S.
The eleventh commandment is "Love the Trees"
Amazing, huge tree roots!!! Never seen anything like it!!!
This is great, hopefully the awe that is inspired by the trees helps to save our remaining forests! - Canada
We loved these trees! - Hemdean House School, Caversham, Reading
Having seen these in photographs in Copenhagen and London and heard about them, am very pleased to see them and am in awe. - Kay and Ron Fox
Let us be good stewards of this planet. Angela deserves an MBE for drawing attention again to the corruption issue.
Hi, my name is Majhan and I like the orange coloured tree because we have orange tree in my house in Jalalabad, Afghanistan.
"The trees are coming into leaf
Like something almost being said;
The recent buds relax and spread,
Their greenness is a kind of grief.
Yet still the unresting castles thresh
In fullgrown thickness every May.
Last year is dead, they seem to say,
Begin afresh, afresh, afresh." - Philip Larkin
Fantastic and wonderful idea, you moved mountains, probably most memorable art exhibition for me - Marge
Wonderful rootwork - Nayna, Brisbane, Australia
In Sierra Leone we have lost 25% of our rainforest in the "Western Area" around the capital Freetown in the last 5 years! It has changed our microclimate already, and soil erosion and landslides are a major concern... The pressure of population of persons displaced by the civil war is driving this deforestation. - Dr. Mary Hodges, Country Director, HKI-SL
Let's save the world, one tree at a time, one person at a time. Let's save what's left of our planet. GO! - Naemie, Quebec, Canada
I counted four seconds, realised what it meant to have a football pitch sized bit of forest disappear, and nearly cried. - Marc
This is like an exotic heaven on earth - Muhammad Ilyas Khan, Pakistan
My mother approached the information board, read for two moments, and then put her fingers in her ears to be alone with the words. So moving and tragic.
'What do you think of the trees Lauren?'
"I missed them"
'What do you mean?'
"I didn't see the trees before they died."
Lauren, 4 yrs
These tree stumps are the best exhibit I have seen in years. Brilliant idea.
Could you bring them to New York City please?
A revelation - Never heard of it before, great to see it in blue skies and with the late afternoon sun from the museum reflecting on the trees. Will come again, good luck! - Sue and Ted Harrow
Thought provoking artistry, how wonderful if we could value them in situ - R. F.
Prompted me to look further into the heavens and also appreciate the beauty of what lies beneath my feet. M.K. Nash, Bucks
Wonderful to meet the forest's ambassadors. They're very welcome here. Thank you for taking the trouble to invite and entertain them. May the raise awareness of the environmental issues worldwide and connect with those who, as yet, are unaware - Alex Coppock-Bunce
Stunning, spooky and beautiful trees. Thanks for bringing the plight of our planet in such a dramatic way - The Olivers, Warwickshire
Amazing, can't ever understand why these and other beautiful creations are destroyed for money. Wonderful work - The Randalls, Hastings
Amazing trees! Why do we people on this planet try to destroy the rainforest? Love the nature! - Sweden
It makes me want to weep, save the forests!
Best place I have visitied in years - Victoria Smith
Well presented! A reminder of how much we are losing by the day. Our hunger for energy and greed is slowly but surely depriving our descendants of nature's beauty - Patrick
Seeing these giants here is so much more real and horrifying.
These trees are being felled all the time, for such trivia as matchsticks. It is a wonderful demonstration at sunset, in the moonlight, at dawn - superb!
This is such a moving project, thank you for bringing it to Oxford!
I would sooner see these trees standing in a forest, but this does show you what we are going to lose as a natural resource. Thank you for showing us these shades of wonders.
It would be wonderful if all people took care of our earth. Thank you for all your work, and all the best wishes - J, Slovakia and G, United Kingdom
A very humbling experience seeing these remains of giants - Nancy
Drove past and vowed to take a day's leave to see the trees close up. No regrets! Absolutely fantastic!
Human destruction displayed as beautiful art, insightful and a perfect demonstration of deforestation. Amazing. The sheer scale of the tree trunks reflects the scale of the problem of deforestation - Anna Scott Mearns, 15 yrs
Went to see the tree exhibition in London too, nice to see it come full circle - Lucy K., Maidenhead
Dear Ghost Forest, I plant my thought in your presence and hope my roots grow deep and strong like yours... I will not follow the paths through you, but instead walk through your wilderness leaving a trail for others to walk upon. Thank you Ghost Forest trees for your visit, as I write this I hear your creaking branches sing softly in the night air. We may not be your beloved country, but your life and time here in ours means so much, so thank you. We are but seedlings; we have so much to learn. Love your friend, S. Hart

COPENHAGEN – 7-18 December 2009

It is a very beautiful exhibition. But sorry for the rainforest
I like the way the colours pick up on the stones in the buildings. The roots are beautiful & such a contrast to the lack of trees in the city. Definitely passing, strange & wonderful.
What a wonderful opportunity to see some exotic wood in its natural form a long way from home. The notion of seeing the very root of the tree take from its home create a certain atmosphere, exposing the section which is normally buried underground hidden from most. A beautiful, moving yet thought provoking exhibition with the cold climate of Copenhagen only adding to the contrast.
Ashley Youett.

This is a wonderful piece of art & nature. Thank you very much for your artistic message.

Thank you
Thanks – you have opened my eyes!

Hierocracy has no limits.
Fantastic & tragic exhibition. It puts things into a very tangible perspective.
Carl Christianson, Professor of Biology 09/12/09
Great exhibition, very sad to see.
Lisa & Milka, Zookeeper Aalborg Zoo 09/12/09

Ghost forest is a great idea & impressive installation. I wish you good luck.
Czech Television 10/12/09

Great exhibition – but how much CO2 did it cost to get to Denmark?

Sure but we can still burn it to make the transport make sense.

Wonderful, staggering & beautiful.

An echo of the great green glory that is the forests of the world. Thank you.

Ulrika, Germany 11/12/09

Nice to see such an old tree. Hopefully however, we won’t have such excesses anymore.
Italy, 11/12/09
Wowed by the scale. They become something else from this perspective. V good!
Rachel & Miles, London 11/12/09

Thanks to you to show the real subject of the western exploitation, but if you spend your money to defend the right of nature to grow wild it would be the best, innovative point, above all for a bank!
This is my wish – do the right thing & think twice before to look for & spend money – nature first of all.
Extraordinary hope is rising.
Jacob Rasmessen 12/12/09

Dirk de Jaasher, Belgium

Viva la Revolution!

The world is people lets realise its potential...
Chalo Ni Banthu

Wonderful project, well done!
Eva & Nancy

Impressive & Merry Christmas!

Excellent project! Good luck!
Cristiha Ro

Thank you!
Magnus & Clara 13/12/09

Almost alive, good for your imagination, worthwhile thank you

Mathys, NL 13/12/09

Now I know my Grandfathers. Thanks.
Wiese 13/12/09

Thank you for this poetic vision! The power & souls of the trees have an amazing presence...
They’re the lungs of our planet & we must save them.Saaha Gabbe, crew member of The Rainbow Warrior Greenpeace Ship.
Please visit us in Halvandet
Dear Angela, This is wonderful, it’s been great being a small part of all this, making the glass globe for these beautiful trees. Thanks.
Shire Diness
Angela, it’s a beautiful & important work. Thanks for showing the world gathered here in Copenhagen a piece of our threatened rainforest.
Andrea & Christiane, Brazil
Hi Angela I wish you could stay in touch with nature forever!
Frosina, Macedonia
This is a wonderful way to bring a forests scale to an urban landscape thanks.
Douglas Fischer, Boulder Colorado USA
A deeply thought provoking work, Angela. The question we must ask, though, is who planted these amazing trees? Probably chimpanzees, elephants, monkeys, bats or fruit-eating birds... 80% or 90% of tropical tree species have their seeds dispersed by animals – the ‘Gardeners of the Forest’ – and if we allow commercial hunters to kill all the animals, who will plant the trees of tomorrow?
Thank you for your inspiration!
Ian Redmand, Ambassador, UN Year of the Gorilla www.
Thought provoking! – lets save those magnificent trees!
Yes, Thought provoking – thanks.
Touching. Lovely. Much appreciated
Lin, Deborah, Diane, Edward, USA 15/12/09

TRAFALGAR SQUARE – 16-22 November 2009

A truly powerful & inspirational exhibition – art does have the power to change the planet.
Lucy, London
Reminds me of beached whales, a real sadness but so important for people to see & know about, and be aware of.
Katie, London
Wonderful, wonder – provoking and sad too, because of what’s happening to the rain forest. But ultimately because this art it transforms our perceptions, and our thinking, and us. Thank you for doing this.
Totally wonderful – such an achievement & great sense of imagination! Thank you!
Alison, Cambridge
It’s the wonderful smells of the different woods that I love. What an amazing project. Brilliant!
I saw this on the bus & had to come back. Thank you for the informative quality, amazing visual impact.
Fiona Deighton
Fantastic exhibition, brilliant idea, I wish it could have been on for longer.
Sad & beautiful – we should all meet these trees who provide us with their natural material…leave them alone!
Humanity has incurred a huge & growing blood – guilt for its senseless massacre of the trees. Similarly there is one for the ‘massacre of the innocents’, i.e. human babies murdered by the method known as ‘abortion’. ‘Abortion’ and ‘logging’ are both soft words for hard crimes. Trees & babies need our protection, but we betray them every day.
Knowing the age of the felled tree would make more of an impact. Otherwise very interesting, informative and beautiful.
Really beautiful, and really makes you think. I can only now understand the scale of these, and the extent of the problem.
Inspiring. I hope it motivates everyone to take a stand against deforestation, & that everyone will start to care about our beautiful planet xx.
Well done! Fantastic way to bring the logging issue to the public. I feel most strongly about logging – currently trying to get funding to help protect historic monuments from logging in Borneo rain forest.
Sarah Walker, London.
A travelling arboreal graveyard with fresh remains of the corps. Shame.
Very interesting & very important for thinking….thank you.
It’s quite a shock!
One should never talk about. One should respond to it. Let it do the talking.
A brilliant way to alert people to the dangers & consequences of losing the rainforests globally.
Impromptu stumbling across these stumps – very effective – jogs the mind & conscience in a way lengthy arguments may never succeed.
To get the big people who squander our future to pay attention takes a lot of guts – well done for not taking ‘no’ for an answer.
Melanie Stewart with a 1year old daughter who love trees. London 20th Nov ‘09
Well done.
Wonderful & fabulous concept congratulations & good luck.
Amazing! Beautiful but sad! A brilliant idea, very important to show the world & to take it to the City. Stunning sculptures in their own natural form. I love it, thank you so much.
Abigail Ropner 19.11.09
Very unusual, good to see basics of environmental effects of actual objects.
Wonderful – a photographers dream.
Amazing how tiny seeds sometimes turn into the most enormous & strong giants of trees ever to be seen!
Beautiful & thought provoking.
Becky & Flora
The grandeur of the earth!
Judy 20.11.09
Very Autumnal!
Emily Mears
Well done for getting them here, & high-lighting the issue! Would love to see them alive & where they really belong.
Helen, London SE1
I really like the contrast – my only criticism was it was a shame they couldn’t be more spread out – to really ‘invade’ the space. But I really like the effect and scale.
Impressive, these huge old trees. Thank you for this exhibition!
Wonderful awe – inspiring, & brings home to you about the de – forestation.

Sarah Owen, London
Very wonderful to see & I pray for the world to come to terms with its beauty & not destroying its natural essence where we all can cherish.
It is amazing what a person with a clear goal can do – bringing these trees into London! The power of cut down trees that used to be 200ft high is incredible! Good job.
Stunning exhibition, we must all think very hard about what we do & where we do it. If only we could make the people who live there understand what we are talking about i.e. it doesn’t matter what country we live in, we must all be aware of preservation/awareness for everyone.
Margaret, England
We hope these beautiful natural works of art help create some awareness about the destruction of our precious world.
Wonderful that so much in nature can be so varied & lacking in artificial content – puts modern sculpture, or, at least, some of it, to shame.
An amazing idea – well done.
Big & beautiful, and it’s a shame they’re horizontal.
A unique exposition of our natural world. I hope it makes a difference to our focus on sustainability.
Guy Jones
Striking. Brings home the size & majesty of these forms. Hope it makes people think. Nice site. Steel cables are key. If you need a videographer, mail me – Jason
The speaking trees – will – can we listen, so connected to Mother Earth Father Sky, as above – so below, old & wise. Are these the last? Blessings, a tear in our eye – realisations reconnections rejuvenations re – joys. Thank you.
Amazing can’t believe, they are massive, all the way from Gambia! Wow!
It’s really amazing, & makes you think about the affect we have.
Amazing piece of art, don’t know how you done it.
Armani Allen
This is something that goes unseen, wow amazing work keep it up.
Biyi Omole
Amazing work! Well done, really makes a difference.
Elvis Gjoka
Trees uprooted, Roots cut off, Dead End Street
Staggering, very pleased to have caught it.
Chloe Matthews – Fellow Ruskinite
Magnificent & moving – time is running out! Thank you very much
Love Will Stevens – Fellow Ruskinite
Saddened by the removal of the trees from the rainforest as this is natural fertilizer & should be returned to Ghana. However the biomasses need attention. People need to be educated by standard. Best of British.
Jayne Caroline Lewis of Winmill. Glad to be part of the Ecology Photographs
Great Exhibit! This is my second trip to visit the exhibit & it’s amazing! I can envision these trees in Ghana & hope I can see them in their natural habitat.
Lindsey & Laura Keeler
This is one of our first trips to the National Art Gallery & it was really nice being here & then see something really natural displayed here & they are really great.
Amazing trees, I have never seen or heard of a tree this big. Smells amazing!! Can’t imagine how you got them here.
Such a surprise to see this in the middle of London! I’m sure it will make many people think.
Mind blowing, stunning, very sad but also inspiring!
Primary art Teacher
Brilliant idea to display this natural – or brought about by man to Trafalgar.
Lesley Janes
Very impressed with the trees & majesty of them.

We need more ARTISTS like you.
Amir, Toronto Canada
It’s really great & we do really need somebody to help the environment & our trees to make love. I really wish good luck for your hard works.
George, Burma
Very impressive trees, the amount of time it took for them to grow to this size! Many, many people’s life times, it was a different world when they were just seedlings.
I saw this in ‘TIME OUT’ & was compelled to come before tomorrow when it finishes! Wow! It’s amazing – the cause & the sculptural qualities & the smell wow! Thank you! Don’t forget to offset the carbon footprint!
Zoe, DC
It is very impressive.
C Konstantin, Moscow
How wonderful to see such a natural sculpture (just been to ‘Wild Thing@ at RA) & such a great cause too. Very best of luck for Copenhagen. Great to read the uses from trees apart from wood. Thanks.
Viv, Clapham
This is a wonderful experience, given that it brings home the amount of destruction, basically, the scale of it which is simply massive.
London is very nice …always our best town. Again here 20/11/09
Thomas S.
It’s nice to see human beings communicating with nature in the centre of London so near the National Gallery where we can find the roots of art.
Spanish Team 20/11/09
I’ve spent 5 years in Central Africa working on rain forest conservation. I hope this exhibition helps people to decide to do more to help preserve African rainforests. My observation was that logging in Africa largely takes wealth (game, forest, products) from local people & exports wood to wealthier places. It is a form of robbery.Simon Waters 20/11/09
Absolutely amazing, huge trees with such a story, I just love looking at the roots – makes you feel so humble & little. Thank you.
Amazing to see, very interesting. Thank you for all your hard effort
Good to see modern art still at work keep it coming. Fantastic!
Lisa, Bournemouth
Wonderful statement for Copenhagen.

Just fantastic. Should keep them here! Shame something so beautiful comes from such destructive forces. Thank you!
Toni, London
With a good chain saw easy going by STIHL products from Germany!
Very impressive collection – makes us stop to think. I like the name – Ghost Forest & all its connections.
The impact of deforestation to the human race is basically a great disaster. The wearing away of the ozone layer causes the reduction of oxygen gas in the atmosphere…all constitute to this. I reckon the international bodies need to come together to put a stop to the act.
It reminds me of all child – soldiers in Africa in places like Sierra Leone. ‘Ghost Forest’ – the title is interesting & appealing. Especially that it is about tree from Ghana. People want to know why it is called ‘Ghost Forest’. I find the exhibition very interesting as it is original. It is not very usual to see tree trunks from Ghana in the centre of a big city.
What a feat to bring these beautiful trees so far. Difficult to believe the size some grow to. Very attractive to see & how interested are the looks from those looking.
The trees are amazing! Such an awesome idea – really brings to light the impact of deforestation!
Well done! So proud of you & your contribution to helping the world against climate change!
Fantastic! I love the comparison to Nelson Column & I love them strapped down like kill from a colonial safari hunt!
Impressive to see age of nature in beautiful shapes.
Hoos Zitman, Holland
Excellent & a real pleasure to see, many thanks for the display.
The Baileys, Croydon
Eye opening, makes you think about what is going on. She has worked hard.
What a fantastic feat of transportation & dedication to an enormous problem. Well done. Fantastic.
This allows us to see the beauty within – not normally seen (roots/trunks). Our children need to see this. Thank you.
Visually stunning! Brings home the point.
Really good thing to see, especially the great mass of them, how long did they take to grow? And the comparison to Nelson’s column – they make the plane trees round the square look tiny. Most of all it’s good to hear they came from managed forests’ and these are not from slaughtered forest.
Angela, How important is to have artists in a changing and fragile world. Sometimes only you can find ways of communicating with people’s souls. Congratulations and ‘Obrigada’!
All the best, Carol [GCP]
This is a very moving ‘installation’ – may hope spring forth.
What can I say!? This is a fascinating display from the country of my birth – as an Englishman! I am, truthfully, one of the sons of [the youngest of three) of the last English (non-Ghanaian) Curator of Forests for Ghana (William Bernard (Bill) Collins). Sadly, he died in the 1970s, but his widow (my mum) Betty, is still alive! She would be proud of this! It is an excellent way, here in Trafalgar Square, of bringing attention to everyone who sees it, of the size of those trees and their loss to the forest and the environment and how that can (and will) impact of the global environment.
Doctor Peter Collins 21/11/09
Impressive! Thank you (to infinity) for following through your astonishing idea. This exhibition is one of the most beautiful, thought-provoking and spectacular I have ever seen. Nature, once again, shows us how better a sculptor she is than us, not always, but very often and it is valuable to be reminded of that.
Peter Gale 21/11/09
Very powerful and beautifully simple…. Great to see the trees juxtaposed against the everyday setting of Trafalgar Square. Education at its bets for all ages!
Emily Wilkinson – Illustrator 21/11/09
Thank you. It makes me very proud to be a Ghanaian and see this here in Trafalgar Square. Will try to make it to Copenhagen. Congratulations
Tutu Asyare 21/11/09
Thank you for bring this impressive exhibition into central London. Isn’t it amazing how even when they are no longer living their presence dwarfs everything around them. I hope their presence awakes our awareness of our surroundings and how man affects all he touches.
Peter Azu 21/11/09
It’s been so lovely to see these natural exhibits in such a modern and high-tech environment. They hold their own so well, and display some of the marvels of nature,. And put Ghana is such a positive light.
Marie 21/11/09
What a pleasure it has been to be involved in such an aspirational project.
The B’s 22/11/09
I truly thinks it’s a wonderful display for all to see; acknowledge and learn more about the rain forests globally; because a lot of people don’t really know what is happening in these forests and the dangers occurred to the planet whilst they have been cut down for material purposes….

Splendid vision, a true artist, Ms. Angela. Excellent.
Sheldon, London
What a fantastic art exhibition with great message about global warming… It’s so beautiful.. Well done and good luck in Copenhagen… Thanks a million for giving such a wonderful experience for Londoners.
Christo would be proud. Epic and quite emotional. Very beautiful.
Wonderful exhibition – brings home the reality of rain forest destruction and the perilous course of climate change. We all have a lot to learn and this is a great educational tool. Thank you.
Rosemary McCann
What an amazing concept and successful production. I hope these remnants of trees find a home. Maybe one in each of the European national natural history Museums.
Chloe Sheikh-Kader (doing a Masters in Museum Studies, so very interested in the popularity of the project and location)
Thank you- this is what we need in London: inspiration and nature. This is such a feat of imagination. The trees are majestic and remind us that we can’t ignore what is going on with our climate and beautiful earth! Good luck in Copenhagen.
A very simple and effective statement – once you got them here!
A deep sense of rootedness, of being rooted through enduring time.
Just magnificent – and sad.
Beautiful, let’s stop this!
Excellent eye-opener to the volume of wood felled – nelson’s Column is by the an excellent unit of measurement. The info board was quite word rich –perhaps distribute it is smaller ‘bite-sized’ chunks around the exhibition? Thank very much for bringing it to Trafalgar Square!
How fantastic to see this! Thank you!
Belle piante e trovari complimenti!! Stupende
Who plants the next tree where they came from?
What a wonderful, inspiring and emotive exhibition. Hope it is successful and helps to spread the message! Good luck and well done!
It’s an important message to be taken round the world. A magnificent touch-stone for everyone to experience!
Terrifiante et cruelle vision, de voir ces cadavres….
Toni , Nice france