Tree Stumps

The Ghost Forest tree stumps come from 7 different types of tree from the rainforests of Ghana.

Nine of the trees arrived into Tilbury Docks in London on October 22 aboard Grimaldi’s ‘Grande America.’

The great Denya missed the ship after its departure from the forest created havoc. The rains came, lorries jack-knifed in the quagmire, and the engine of its low-loader blew up.  Things became so serious that the local people called in the village elder in ceremonial dress to perform a traditional ceremony, ‘The Pouring of the Libation.’  Alcohol was imbibed and the River Goddess Suhuma and ancestors were invoked. The Denya then ‘moved peacefully from the forest,’ and with hours to spare it made the last possible sailing aboard the ‘Grande Argentina’. The Denya sailed triumphantly into Tilbury Docks on November 7, and cleared customs just in time to make it to Trafalgar Square with the nine other trees on November 16.

The trees are being shipped from Hull, UK, to Esbjerg, Denmark, to arrive in Copenhagen for display in Thorvaldsens Plads on December 7.